Afro Soca Love - A Unique Mélange of African & The Caribbean

  • This blog offers a comprehensive overview of the emergence of Afro Soca Love.
  • You will be delighted to know the journey of Afro Soca music fusion that became a major part of Afro Soca Love.
  • You will be interested to check out the emergence of African and Caribbean fusion in fashion during Afro Soca Love.

Afro Soca Love is a fusion of both African and Caribbean culture where both the nations meet each other’s communities with love for their business, art, and culture. Well, this year, the Afro Soca Love at DC was organized on 1st December and it continued till 3rd. This was one of the best events organized this year where people of both the communities got the chance to come together, wine, dine and shop with the local vendors of Africa and its diaspora. The Afro Soca Love event is probably the best ways to celebrate love among two communities of people. One of the most important things of Afro Soca Love is that you get a wonderful opportunity to shop your favorite apparels while supporting a completely different community. The Afro Soca Love event focuses on strengthening the bond between two Africa and Caribbean culture through art and creativity.
The Journey of Afro-Soca Music Fusion
Since the Afro Soca Love event aims to strengthen the connection between two wonderful communities, we cannot miss out the emergence of Afro Soca music. This fusion of music has the potential to strengthen the ties of the Caribbean and African people like never before. A completely new music genre was created in the 1970s which were the result of the fusion of different West African music styles like Fuji, Juju, Country music and other forms as well. On the other hand, Soca emerged out across the English-speaking Caribbean in the 1980s that developed distinct features as it touched different territories of the world.
The Afro Soca music was created as a category of hybrid sounds that shared a lot of common grounds with Afro beats. The Afro Soca tracks are identical to the groovy Soca and these tracks have a melody of West African origin. The reason why Afro Soca tracks are so popular among both the communities is that these tracks express a certain awareness in connecting the African and Caribbean communities. According to Trinidadian producer Lazabeam, if you can check out the different era of Soca music, there is a touch of contemporary discos in the 1970s that comes all the way to the present Electronic Dance Music (EDM). And this is happening with the Afro beats of Afro Soca.
Afro Soca Love Fashion Prints and Style
African history and heritage have extremely strong Caribbean roots. During cultural events in the past, you would see a lot of Caribbean people adorned in traditional African wear. In the present scenario, there is a trend of awareness and growth in African fashion. In the last few years, we have seen fashion designers incorporating African prints, motifs and styles in their creations and some of them cater to this niche market. On the other hand, accessories designers in the Caribbean are also focusing on creating head wraps, jewelry, beaded waist beads, and sandals. Fashion designers in the Caribbean are creating wrap dresses, men’s shorts, maxi skirts, crop tops and dresses in African style.
The Afro Soca fashion became so popular in the recent years that a separate London Fashion Week was arranged in 2014 to adorn the combination of these fashion styles. In this year’s Afro Soca Love event, we saw some of the best fashion apparels that portrayed the Afro-Caribbean culture in beautiful ways. Afro Soca Love event portrayed the pride and diversity of the African and Caribbean cultures. The African influence on Caribbean fashion is evident on the high-colored garments that fuse together in numerous ways. The beauty of the finished product is absolutely unbelievable. Afro Soca Love event demonstrated one major aspect of the fusion of African and Caribbean style.
In the African culture, there is the influence of earth and its products in the fashion industry. They use precious stones, pieces of trees and nuts for accessorizing the garments. In the Afro Soca Love fashion fusion event, we thoroughly understood the manipulation of garments for offering a shape and posture to the women down the course of time right from the beginning of Afro Soca fusion. The one thing that remained constant in both the fashion cultures is the use of varied colors that can be easily identified. A major example of this is the paint in the face that was done for enhancing the beauty of a woman.
Afro Soca Love event has its significance as being the inception of the Afro-Caribbean rave infused celebration of love, fashion, culture, and lifestyle. This is undoubtedly one of the best events that promote unity while both the communities share the culture of each other. Well, if you are looking for some of the best in class Afro-Caribbean makeup and fashion designs, feel free to get in touch with your go-to online fashion and beauty portalMy Style Authority.