Taming Your Curls: Afro Hair Guide

Don’t you just love your soft black curls bouncing in the air? The little magic that it casts when the wind slightly ruffles your manes? Of course, you do! And you are not alone. People with boring straight hair (no offense ladies) also enjoy the view. Because lady, you are the view! But again beauty comes with a price, often in the form of hard work or extra effort. So if you’re a queen crowned in your curls then this is something you must read.

Though curly afro hair looks stunning, these ebony laces are weaker and more porous than Caucasian or Asian type of hair. They are as sensitive as a newborn babe and thus overexposure to heat, chemicals, and over enthusiastic brushing can cause them some serious damage. To that end, right hair products, natural ingredients and lots of love must be used to nurture them.

Magic In My Curls:

Yes, indeed curls are enchanting. Lucky are those women who have curls. But in order to bring out the best in them, proper care is essential. The two pillar of healthy soft curls are sufficient hydration and adequate protein consumption. Additionally, homemade hair packs must also be applied frequently. Though you may look naturally pretty, we are sure you don’t wish to look like a fur ball.

Application of a protein pack on a weekly basis can help in building the desired level of elasticity to the hair and strengthening their roots. Since they are naturally beautiful don’t mess them up by overusing blow dryers. If at all they must be used, the heat level should be closely monitored keeping them as low as possible, and please bid Goodbye to the straighteners!

Frizz Management:

If you have natural curls then frizz is your arch enemy. Your beautifully tamed curls poof up and you suddenly start looking like Hagrid’s distant cousin. Yeah. We know the pain. But no worries there are ways they can be managed. Behold your fairy Godmother in disguise! The Loc Method. LOC simply stands of leave on conditioner, oil, cream or serum. Its hands-down the best curl crafting technique ladies and it's as simple as it gets.

Step 1: After shampooing, apply a leave on product. But mind you, it should be absolutely natural which will hydrate each strand providing a root to tip nourishment.

Step 2: Select a hair oil depending on the porosity of your scalp. Massage gently throughout your hair. This is the moisture lock process.

Step 3: Seal the deal with a thick moisturizing cream. Oils are always not enough and they many a time fail to provide the desired kind of body. Creams can be of benefit here. They leave the curls smooth and lustrous.

As hilarious as it may sound, a pre-poo technique can play to your benefit. This is a simple oil massage which one can do prior to washing the hair. This technique acts like a shield and prevents the shampoo from ripping away any excess moisture from the hair.

Curl Care

As stated earlier, afro hair requires a lot of care if you wish to keep them healthy and bouncing. Ladies are often confused about what regime to follow in order to effectively balance out the curls. My Style Authority brings an answer to all your “curly problems” and here it goes:

  1. Morning Schedule: Tightly coiled hair is usually drier than their straighter counterparts. The structure makes it difficult for the oil to stay locked within the strand. To that end, hair must be moisturized and hydrated on  regular intervals to provide the much-required growth, shine, and bounce. Get your hands on a spray bottle and mist your locks with water first thing every morning. Follow this by massaging a small amount of essential oil on the scalp. Finish the process by picking out the curls with a afro pick or a wide tooth comb. This detangles the hair without being too harsh.
  2. Night Schedule: Night time regime is very important to have beautiful, voluminous afro hair the following morning. If you have those kinky curls massage them with oils or shea butter on a regular basis. Three evenings in a week should be enough for this but listen to hair carefully. Apply a generous amount of hair repair oil before tying them into bantu knots or large plaits. This ensures bigger bouncier, frizz free curls in the morning. Lock it all up in a nice silk or satin scarf and have a good night sleep.
  3. Shampoo: Tightly coiled hair requires less washing. Over washing these babies rip off the natural oil and leave them looking dry and lifeless. A gentle and effective cleanser will do just right. Afro hair can go upto 10 days without washing. Mild washing can be used after that to get rid of any build up on the scalp or hair. Team it up with deep conditioning followed by an essential oil massage. Avoid blow drying and let the hair air dry naturally before picking on the curls with a wide tooth comb.

Tips For the Healthy “Fro”

What Knots What tangles!!! Imagine the time Rapunzel took to get those out of her hair! Curly hair requires a lot of delicate combing. For starters run your fingers through your hair. Separate sections of hair and brush them gently with a wide tooth comb. After all the combing is done wrap up your hair with a silk scarf to prevent them from getting tangled all over again. Brush your hair from the middle to the way up. It prevents hair breakage.

A nice and big afro gives a much desired look. Thus volume becomes important. Sleeping with open hair renders it flat in the morning and that means extra work. Save yourself from the pain and divide the hair in four sections and go on to braid them. Wake up with a nice and big afro!

Never let anyone dull your curls. Be proud and flaunt your beauty. It’s truly one of a kind.