WINTER HATS: The Good, The Best, and the FUZZY

Winter, even with the ugly sweaters and puffy jackets, can have its fashion benefits. Yes ladies, it is officially hat season! The best way to keep warm, hide that bad hair day (when was the last time I washed it…?), and put that perfect finishing touch on any outfit. There are big ones, small ones, warm ones, fuzzy ones, and about a million other categories to choose from. But lucky for you, you have me to pick and chose the best options, just to make your life a little easier…

Out of my top three faves that I’m going to share with all of you (I know, I’m so generous), the beanie is definitely my number one. It always looks trendy, the ones with the pom-poms are adorable, and it keeps your head super warm! Best combo of warm to fashion ratio out there for sure! And this one is Kendall and Kylie for PacSun, which is just an added bonus.

Next on the list is sort of a hat, sort of a headband, but we’ll allow it. Earmuffs are the best way to look super cute, while still rocking your blowout you got this morning. If you get the right pair, they can definitely be warm enough to wear to that hockey game with bae…Go Rangers!

(If you’re feeling brave, you could rock a bejeweled pair, like Chanel No. 3 from Scream Queens!)

On the fuzzier side of the list, is what I like to call the eskimo hat (definitely not the actual name, but work with me). The warmest out of all the options by far, this hat will keep you nice and toasty for all your outdoor activities this season. They are the ideal option for making snow angels, not that I would know…

As someone who looks super adorable in any hat (not cocky, just confident), I love all these options, and their matching outfits. Bring it on winter.