Trending Hairstyle You Should Opt For This Summer

Summer is here finally and its time to pack up your winter clothes and put it in the trunk. Summer is the season of wearing fresh colors, floral prints and experimenting with hair and makeup. It is the time to hit the beach with your favorite crop top and shorts. To give a warm welcome to the new season , you might want to get a makeover for summer.  You can go for a great haircut with a hair spa and a hydrating facial to prepare your skin and hair for this season. Instead of tying your hair in a bun and going to work everyday, why not getting a haircut that you can flaunt easily which doesn’t feels too heavy but rises up your style quotient? Here are our top recommendations for trending hairstyles that you should opt for this summer:

  • Fishtail braids: Tie your hair into a side fishtail braid and you are good to go. Shampoo your hair, blow dry and use a texturizing hair spray to add volume to your brain. If you have too many small hairs coming out of your braid, just apply a setting spray in the end and you’ll be good to go throughout the day. Fishtail braid looks chic and feminine.
  • Chunky top knot: Instead of tying your hair in a normal bun, get a chunky top knot done. Curl your hair naturally by parting your still wet hair into two sections and twisting few strands of hair and pinning it firmly, let your hair dry before you take out the pins. Now comb the upper half portion of your hair and tie a bun in the regular fashion, don’t make it too tight. Apply a strong holding spray, add accessories like flowers or a beautiful hairpin to enhance the look.
  • Beach waves: Beach waves and summer, both are like soul sisters. Getting a beach wave is super easy. If you have naturally wavy hair, just sit back and relax until your hair dries, apply a smoothening serum and you are good to go. If you have straight hair, just get hold of a hair curler and curl your hair in low heat, apply a texturizing serum to finish the look
  • Low maintenance updo: Low maintenance updo looks really classy and takes very less time. Hand comb your hair, apply a bit of moisturizing hair serum and tie it into a low updo, done!
  • Headband braid: Comb your hair and apply a texturing spray. Take two inches of hair from above your ears on both the sides of your head and tie a braid connecting one end to the other. Once you are done clip the ends snugly and hand comb finally for a more natural appeal.
  • High braid: Get your hair tied into a high pony tail. Start making the braid and secure with a rubber band in the end. Manage to tuck in the loose strands and add a little puff at each junction with your fingers. The high braid is great when you have a lot of work and travel often because, there's limited time for hair touch ups.
  • Retro ponytail: Retro style is never out of fashion. Blow dry wet hair and add a volumizing mousse focusing on the crown area, backcomb the roots at the crown, set a bumper on the crown, smoothly comb the hair from the top to the bottom and tie a pony in the end. Depending on your mood, you can get a normal pony or side pony, both looks great. Try wearing this with a LBD and you’ll look no less than Audrey Hepburn!
  • Colored locks: When you are done experimenting with lots of hairstyles, try getting hair color along with a hairstyle. If you dare to sport bold style, get your hair chopped in mid parted bangs and color it with pastel shades like pink or rose gold.
  • Trendy turban: Bad hair days? Feeling too lazy to style your hair? Get a trendy printed scarf and tie it into a head turban. Totally sexy!
  • Double bun: This is especially for those days when you can't seem to find your hair dryer anywhere near you; even if you've searched for it a million times. Hand comb your wet hair, get rid of the tangles part your back portion of the hair into two halves. Take each portion and tie it into a bun, set with bobby pins and clips. Get the double bun look in minutes.

These hair styles are trending in summer and girls are going crazy over them. As you can see, braids are very much in fashion. So if you have mid length-long hair you can try out any of these looks and rise up your glamour. For short hair girls, you need not worry. What would those innovative bobs, pixie hair cuts and blunt hairstyle would do without you? Find a great hair stylist, get your hair textured and colored and get hold of some cute accessories to sport them whenever you go out.