Top Fashionistas to follow on Instagram

Instagram is the number one social platform to catch a glimpse of the latest fashion trends. Street style fashion, inspirational looks and many more. But have you ever wondered about the faces that create these sensational fashion movements?

From stylish actresses to fashion bloggers, models to photographers, the list is endless with the crowd of fashion loving people from every corner of the world. But if you are confused about tracking the right fashion gang, here is the list of top fashionistas to follow on Instagram. Let’s have a look.

Marianna Hewitt

The former T.V presenter embraced fashion to such an extent that she became an award winning style blogger and vlogger. She entertains her audiences with perfectly made up selfies, fashion posts and back stage pictures. is her brainchild.

Frédérique Harrel

This Paris born fashion blogger is like a ray of sunshine. She has conquered the heart of all with her radiant smile and bold fashion choices. She gladly conducts style and confidence workshops to her fans so that they can live a happy and confident life.

Gabi Gregg

This self described OG plus size style blogger is widely popular for her swimwear line and her modeling gigs with brands like Target and ASOS. It is a wonder that Gabi manages to deliver fashionably enriched posts one after another making her Instagram account a must follow.

Blake Von D

Who though this Law school grad could make her own fashion trends and rule the world? Blake is a fashion obsessive who styles each look with perfection. From wide-leg pants to mixed print swimwear she can handle it all. Don’t miss breathtaking blond haircut that will surely give you some hair inspiration.

Grasie Mercedes

This Los Angeles based beauty mesmerizes her fans with one of a kind Instagram posts filled with humor and energy. You will soon fall for her swoon worthy collection of attires and witty captions.

Nicole Warne

This beautiful young lady loves to decorate her Instagram page with style pictures across the world on the go while traveling from Venice to Singapore. Get fashion inspiration as you travel along with her from one post to another.

Tanesha Awasthi

You will get everything from colorful pumps, chic capes, pompom flats and more in her closet. The master mind behind, Tanesha’s Istagram feed is a fashion lover’s dream.

I hope this post has given all the beautiful ladies enough insights on fashion destination in Instagram. Now explore and get inspired. Let us know if there are more we can add to this list. Cheers to fashion!