Quick make up tips to hide a hangover

Boozing around with friends is one of the best things ever! Grabbing the most out of happy hours at the pub and leaving all sort of tension away for sometime can really charge you up. While boozing is fun and exciting, it also brings in a lot of agony to your body as well as your skin. We all have witnessed the nastiest hangovers after a night full of partying and boozing hard. Waking up with a heavy head. dizziness, thirst and confusion. Adding to that puffy eyes, patchy skin and dehydration is a sure shot indicator that we are going through a really bad hangover. But, we need to gather ourselves and get going without letting prying eyes judge us. For women, who want to look fresh and energetic even though you are suffering from a bad handover, here are quick makeup tips to let you hideaway those tell-tale signs.

  • The first thing that makes people notice you during a hangover is your tired and puffy eyes. Get rid of puffy eyes by placing damp tea bags on your eyes. Just dampen two bags in water and gently place it over your eyes, the antioxidants present in tea will de-puff the eyes, reduce swelling and tighten the skin around eyes. Another quick makeup tip to hide a hangover is to use eye drops to get rid of red bloodshot eyes which is very common when a person is drunk.
  • When you are drunk, you tend to sweat a lot and bad odor can really be annoying for you as well as people around you. Get rid of bad odor from your body by applying a decent deodorant
  • The best way to hide dark circles under eye due to lack of sleep and over-consumption of alcohol is to apply a concealer. Orange concealer always work as a quick fix and helps to hide those d iscoloration under your eyes and save you from looking like a living zombie!
  • Hangovers can make your skin look pale and lifeless. Bring on some artificial glow to your skin by applying bronzer. Bronzer will make your skin look bright and lively
  • Nothing can repair a dehydrated and tired skin than applying a good moisturizer, so you know what to do when you get up to a bad hangover
  • Wear a bright lipstick to take the attention away from your tired eyes to your gorgeous lips. Bright lips can instantly illuminate your face and make you look pretty.
  • Use blush on your cheek for a flushed look, it can subside the paleness on your skin instantly.
  • Washing hair after a hangover can be a big task and it is completely natural not to feel like washing it, no worries, just apply a nice serum and tie your hair into a pony and you’re good to go.

Follow these simple tips and trick to quick fix your hangover woos and you’ll look gorgeous even on the days you don’t feel your best.