Quick make up tips for Halloween 2015

OMG! Haven't you decided on your Halloween costume yet? Now, don’t say that you did not get time for it or you have been too busy this entire week. But, if it is true, then you are in great peril my friend. Your buddies have been planning for Halloween this entire month and they are already ready with their costumes and make up. And you have to start from scratch. No worries, here are some quick make up tips to set yourself up for All Hallows Eve 2015:

First of all you have to decide what are you going to be this Halloween. If you have your last year’s costume and you are planning to do the same this year, then my friend, that is going to be anything but exciting. You can easily become something else with little make up and a simple costume. Want to know how? Read along then.

  • You may not know but your wardrobe already has the spookiest of costumes for any Halloween party. Take out the best party gown you have and make it black. Don’t have a black one? Okay, well other shades may do as well. But do not opt for florescent, pastels or paisley prints as they will not go well with the theme.
  • Pair it with your red satin scarf and do not forget your traveler’s hat. Keep your hair uncombed and shuffled. You can use a hair serum to keep it in place but the frizzy look generally goes perfect with the Halloween theme.
  • Now, take your make up box. Yes, this is the most crucial part as it is going to make or break your 2015 Halloween experience.
  • Using a strong oil based foundation as the base, dab as much powder as your can on your face. Then highlight your eyes with liner, red be most preferable to give that horrible, hungry look.
  • Use a blood red lipstick to enhance your lips and do apply some gloss on the margins. This will give the impression of blood lust.

Now, look at yourself in the mirror. Horrible enough? See, you are all set for your Halloween 2015. Just wait till the Salvatore brothers or Edward catches up with you. Wish you a spine-chilling, crazy Halloween 2015!