Natural Skin care

Between my mom and the commercials on TV, my dermatologist, and all of the fancy bottle descriptions, I have found it nearly impossible to pick the appropriate skin care.  Natural this, free that, SPF 1000, who even knows what the difference is?! I was getting so overwhelmed every time I went to buy a new moisturizer (is CVS three times bigger than it used to be or am I just going crazy?) so I did some research for us. I had to get to the bottom of this natural insanity and find out once and for all who’s right. Spoiler Alert: it isn’t my mom, but don’t tell her I said that!

This whole natural skin care phenomenon is fairly new and very trendy.  Instead of using the bottle that looks the nicest, or the most expensive, we are encouraged as consumers to find the products with the least amount of anything in it. So, ladies (and guys too!) here is the easy guide to a life that is au natural and perfect for your pores!

Be Simple

I know that those bottles can be very convincing, but in reality all your skin needs is a basic cleanser, toner and moisturizer (with a low SPF) to be its perfect, shiny self! By using all those different products it can clog your pores and cause further damage.

Double Check Labels

This may come as a shock, but if a bottle says Natural it may be lying to you. The FDA has a very, very broad definition of what qualifies as natural, so majority of those products may be just the opposite of what you wanted. The best trick is to look at the ingredients, if they’re longer then your most recent FB status, stay away! And if you cant pronounce more then half of them, RUN!

No More Fragrance

I am not telling you its cool to smell gross, because it definitely is not, BUT, when it comes to what you’re putting on your face, the less scented the better. The chemicals they use to make your lotion smell like a lavender-rainforest-beach-waves-cupcake, isn’t exactly good for that pretty face of yours.

Beautify Inside Out

I know you have heard this over and over again, but what you put inside your body has a huge impact on what is shown on the outside. By eating healthier, nutrient rich foods, it could completely change the complexion of your skin. Olive oils, dark chocolate, walnuts and kale are the snacks we know will improve your skin, but it’s more important to stay away from the bad stuff and then load up on the goods. As delicious as those fries are, I can almost promise you will see that grease on your face in the morning.

Trust me, I’m a total skin care junkie. I’ve tried them all. Literally. But, the best way to get shiny, celeb quality skin, is to stay away from those yucky chemicals and stick to the fruits and veggies. Not saying you have to stop washing your hair and only wear clothes made out of hemp, but going natural is definitely a cosmetic power move.