Being fashionable involves coordinating every detail of your outfit, all the way down to your fingertips. Nail polish has suddenly gone from the basic color palette, to the seemingly endless stream of nail designs. Now instead of just adjusting your color based on the season, it is time to decide which dramatic nail design will be your newest accessory. The best part about this new trend is it’s easy to change, while still being light on your wallet.

As I am an avid nail insta follower, a few of the trends have caught my eye this week.

Changing the Shape: it is bold and powerful, yet subtle if you choose your color wisely.

Geometrics: the paint on shapes is definitely statement making and super fun. The playful vibes combined with the intense structure makes for a fab combo.

Matted: out with the sheen of gel and excess topcoat, and in with the matted smooth finish. It’s the perfect way to polish off any outfit (pun intended).

Bam-Glam: though you may have to wait a little longer to dry, by adding some studs or sparkles, you can finish off your look with a little less jewelry ;)

I am the first to admit that there is something elegant and beautiful about a clean, polished, simple nail. Depending on the time and place the classic mani may be the way to go. But with this new trend launching full force, changing it up every once and a while adds a little adventure to your wardrobe. And the best part is you can change it completely next week! To be a true fashionista, you must make sure your
nails match your outfit and your attitude!!