Monsoon Style Trends: 7 tips for women stepping out to work

Nothing can be more refreshing and joyful than fresh monsoon showers. You can spend hours watching the sky and the rain playing cats and dogs. Enjoy your days cozying up with a warm cup of coffee and a bestseller book. But the scenario changes when you step out of the house. The humidity in the air takes a toll on your fashion and things become gloomy. Unfortunately this is the practical picture of the season which you cannot avoid.

So here we are at your service to make your rainy days bright as ever. Check out these 7 tips for women stepping out to work. So cheer up.

1. Umbrella - your shield from the shower

Be it sunny or rainy, an umbrella is your best friend, a staple for all kinds of weather. Add some drama to your wardrobe with stunning umbrellas. Keep yourself dry while adding a dash of elegance with floral umbrellas. Flaunt animal print umbrellas to stand out in the crowd or add some color to the dreary weather with classic rainbow ones. Pump up the monsoon style trend with Victorian styled umbrellas as well. There are plenty of options to play with.

2. Flip flops - your best friend

Flight the puddles and splash your way through with funky, colorful and evergreen flip flops. They are your best friend during monsoons. So keep your high heels at bay and embrace these beauties for an easy stroll.

3. Shorts - your wardrobe staple

Nothing can be more irritating than getting soaked in rain water and remaining wet for the entire day. Take out those sexy shorts from your closet and put them on to beat the showers. Flaunt your legs in style with these wardrobe staples. Make sure they are not light in color with the fabrics of translucent tendency. Opt for fabrics that have synthetic in them for easy dry. Team these beauties with blazer for work or a simple tee for fun or a classic blouse for the night.

4. The rainy day bag

In love with your leather bags? Do you want them to lose their shine in showers? Hide them off for three months till the monsoon bid farewell and opt for those funky water proof bags. Available in various shapes and colors, these bags are a must during the rainy season.

5. Monsoon boots

Monsoons are incomplete without those water proof boots that keep your beautiful feet safe. Protect your feet and beloved trousers from the puddles and pools with a well knit Wellington boots with thick rubber grip quick dry nylon lining.

6. Monsoon Makeup

Make up takes a back seat during the rainy season due to excessive humidity in the weather. Fright not, but follow these simple tips. Opt for cream based make up like eye shadow and foundation and waterproof eye lines and mascaras. You would not want your hard work to get wiped in a single splash. So keep off everything that is water based. In case of lipsticks, avoid those that bleed in summer and rainy season.

7. Monsoon Hairstyle

The trick to pull off a perfect hairstyle during the wet seasons is to keep your hair loose yet tied. Avoid your hair from becoming sweaty but do not devoid from style. Try the ponytail style liked by women and girls alike. This classy style is super easy and takes little time so that you can flaunt it even in office. Tie the ponytail at the nape of your neck. Do not tie it at the middle but at the side and embellish it with colorful scarves or floral head bands. Leave a few strands on your face for a more stylish effect.

Do not let the rains bar you from exploring the world. Follow these monsoon style trends and hit the road looking stunning.