Avail our Makeup Services to steal the show where ever you go

Make up has become an integral part of our day-to-day life. It not only hides our flaws and highlights our beauty but gives the necessary boost to our confidence. Be it office or a party, a little touch here and there does wonders. Apart from the daily make up routine, certain occasions like wedding anniversary, birthday parties, corporate events, etc call for elaborate and accurate application of this art. In situations like this, only a professional make up artist can come to your rescue who can showcase his/her craft faster with much precision and accuracy.

Makeup services provided by these make up artists vary according to your requirement and occasion. Let's see what they have in store for us:

Test make up - Planning to don a classy makeup style to an upcoming party, but not sure how it will suit you? Let your makeup artist do a test make up session to ensure what you said is what you are looking for. This kind of makeup service is generally applicable for those who have never put on professional makeup like would-be brides, bride’s maid etc. The test make up will give you an idea of what you will get on the d-day.

Wedding Makeup - Weddings are the most important day is a woman’s life. The bride’s makeup on this day requires special care and attention. It is very important to keep the face fresh and hydrated beforehand so that it can take the heavy make up, which depends on the dress, venue, season, and of course individual preference. One of the most important things is that the make up should be stable and resistant during the whole event suitable for photos, videos and close ups.

Makeup for special occasions - Our life consists of so many special occasions like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, new year parties, house warmings, baby showers etc. where we cannot afford to look less special. All you need are the fabulous makeup services by professional makeup artists whose capable hands can change your daily look into something extra ordinary. They will use lines, shades, colors according to your style to give you a glamorous make over.

Fashion makeup - Make up plays an important role in the fashion industry. Here makeup is done keeping in mind the lights, designer's collection, sets, and the whole concept of the project. This makeup style is typically very dramatic, depending on the designer's style astethic.

TV and film makeup - Makeup for TV and film are designed strictly for the lens. It is done cleverly with professional hands to highlight features and conceal the flaws this is because the lens can make the defects visible. For instace, high definition makeup products. The make up is done to sooth out wrinkles and hide spots which are visible in strong light. Also, Fx makeup is very instrumental to this industry. The need to simulate bruises, cuts, wounds, mystical creatures, or an old bald man lol is very common. Thus TV and film makeup is very different from wedding or normal makeup for special occasions.

Depending on the occasion and requirement, there are many types of make up services to glam you up. Get in touch with us for professional make up artist and make your occasion special.