Celebrity Style Steal of the Week: Kerry Washington

She’s fabulous, talented, and all around perfect. Olivia Pope, her character on Scandal, is on everyone’s crush list, including that of the oh-so-handsome President Grant. Both Kerry and her character have unbelievable closets that any fashionista would die for.

Every outfit that Kerry throws on just looks effortless and stunning, even if it’s just jeans and a t-shirt. There is just something about her that shines. Unfortunately, she has yet to bottle up that shiny-ness to sell (I will be the first one to buy it when she does), so until then, we will just stick to finding out how to mimic her outfits without the shine. Ugh.

This ensemble, crafted by the ever so talented Adam Lippes might be a little out of our price range. She wore it to the SNL 40th Anniversary, and killed the casual, sexy game. So instead of spending $600 to look like her (honestly, worth it?) I have done some research to find an outfit for us that’s close enough to pretend were Pope worthy.

Tuxedo dresses, though pricey, are very trendy at the moment. The masculine, yet slightly risqué combo has everyone talking. After searching high and low for a similar replacement, I have discovered the best way to replicate the one and only Ms. Washington, is to either spend the moola, or wait for the sale (as long as it takes). To find a tuxedo dress that fits as well as hers does, for under $100 is nearly impossible, but if you find one you are seriously my hero. Maybe shell recreate one for her new line with The Limited….a girl can only dream!

My tip to attempt at recreating this look is to see if your honey has any jackets that are a little too small on them, and bring them to your favorite tailor. He was going to throw it way anyway, so why not shorten the length and tighten the arms up a little instead?

Consider it Handled ;)