Celeb Style Steal of the Week - Kendall Jenner

She is the queen of everything. The newest addition to the list of Victoria’s Secret Angels (same?), Kendall Jenner is taking the modeling world by storm. She’s beautiful, composed, dresses fabulously, and has a squad that we all aspire to be in. I know I cant be the only one that thinks it is totally unfair to have all of those qualities at once…

BUT instead of wallowing, we’re going to try really really hard to look just like her, and copy this outfit that had all the razzi’s talking. So I’m not going to lie to all of you, she wore this to a totally casual brunch, with her totally casual fam, on a totally casual Sunday. So in attempts to replace my usual sweatpants and sweatshirt brunch outfit, I did a little research to figure out how to copy this look, head to toe.

The best part about this outfit, besides all of it, is that most of you will already own the top half. It is seriously just a basic white v-neck. Hers is from H&M (one of her many sponsors), and she just tied it a little to show of that flat belly.

Her skirt on the other hand, was a little more complicated to find. The one that she is wearing, made by Cushnie et Ochs, is a little out of our price range. At a whopping $595, I had to find a more affordable replacement. Don’t worry, I did! There is an almost perfect match at ASOS for only $40. Phewph.

The rest of her accessories were easy to identify. Her Saint Laurent bucket bag, Dior sunglasses, and Tom Ford sandals are all staples of hers, and many of the other celebs I stalk on the reg. I know we have to take this outfit one step a time, but thought I thought I would let you know they are available, just at the expense of your entire bank account.

New STYLE goal is currently to become Kendall Jenner. Copying this outfit may not get me there quite yet, but a girl can dream…