12 Most Interesting Hair Trends From Around The World

We all have had bad hair days. Sometimes it’s because we are running late in the morning or it could be just plain nonchalance at times due to mood swings. But having a perfect hairdo not only makes us look more attractive but can also conceal some other makeup glitches as well. Here we are listing 12 most interesting hair trends from around the world.

Brazil: A famous trait among the Brazilian women is to treat hair once a week with cocoa butter mask and allow it to rest for half an hour and then rinse it thoroughly with coconut water. According to hair styling pro Marco Antonio De Biaggi of Sao Paulo, this is a very effective homemade therapy which leaves hair soft and moisturized.

Argentina: When it’s about keeping long strands in shape, women in Argentina depends on Aloe Vera. Hair stylist Leonardo Rocco, from northwest of Buenos Aires, emphasised the usefulness of Aloe Vera in keeping hair smooth and shiny. Applying Aloe Vera directly to the scalp or by adding it to the regular shampoo will prevent hair breakage and rejuvenates the hair. This is one of the most interesting hair trends from around the world.

Jamaica: To stand the scorching Jamaican sun, Cactus is used to rejuvenate the heat damaged hair. After peeling off the cactus, oil extract is applied to the hair which makes the dry hair hydrated and lush.

Spain: Women in Spain are very specific about their hair colour. They prefer to go for sunny highlights with uneven starting points to avoid visible re-growth. For them less-is-more, says Madrid stylist Pablo Iglesias.

Scotland: Among the most interesting hair trends in Scotland is to keep blond hair from fading Scottish women used home remedy. They boil chamomile flower for few minutes, cool and strain and then squirt the mixture on dry hair. It’s an age-old practice in the country.

France: As per David Mallet, a Paris Salon owner, overnight hair treatment masks are a popular product among women here. Another famous style among the French women is to allow their hair air dry and style it with their fingers.

Belgium: In this country thermal styling products are what women rely on to confront the windy outdoors. It fixes the style in place when heats are applied but still keeps hair glossy, smooth and soft.

Germany: Being the beer loving country, it finds many uses of beer even when it comes to hairstyling. A mixture of beer and water is used once in a week to keep hair strong and shiny. Half a litre of beer is mixed with lukewarm water, pour it into a spray bottle and spritz dry hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. This is famously called The Oktoberfest rinse. Using beer for hair treatment has become one of the most interesting hair trends worldwide.

Italy: The age old tradition of using olive oil in hair is a common practice. To nourish and condition the hair a tablespoon of oil is massaged into the hair once in a week. It also improves texture and eliminates frizz. Further, Italian women prefer going to salon once a week to keep their favourite fresh look, rather than washing their hair often. It helps to retain their shine and youthful texture.

Croatia: Harsh cold and extended winter of Croatia keeps away its women from visiting salons regularly during the winter months which necessitates the usage of organic hair products. Using organic hair products and supplements is also a rage now in other countries and is counted among the most interesting hair trends worldwide.

Greece: Blessed with really thick dark and lustrous hair, Greek women know exactly how to maintain the natural beauty of their hair. They practice using shampoo with walnut leaf extract which gives a deeper, richer hair tone says Athens based colorist, Vassilis Stratigos.

Egypt: Hair treatment using castor oil mixed with crushed garlic is a common practice among Egyptian women. They add a drop of lavender essential oil to the combination and apply it to the dry hair and leave it overnight and rinse the following morning to have a hydrated and lustrous hair.
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