Celeb Style Steal Halloween Edition: Demi Lovato

And the winner for the most creative Halloween costume goes to…DEMI LOVATO! Big. Fat. DUH.  Her new song is at the top of all music charts; her fashion sense is always on point; and she’s become a total teen icon throughout the last decade. There is seemingly nothing Demi can do wrong, and this costume certainly attests to that!

If you can’t tell by the picture, Demi went as a Trap Queen this year. Her fancy, velvet, over-the-top queen outfit is covered in mousetraps and completed with a customized sash. The fabulous creation is an ode to the popular song Trap Queen by Fetty Wap, and definitely does it justice. Demi and Fetty combined?! That is almost too much for me to handle. Almost.

Now this costume may be a little excessive for your neighbors Halloween party, but if you are dressing to impress a certain someone, this will definitely do the trick. All you need is an overflowing cape (grab it at any party store), the old crown at the bottom of your closet (we all were a princess once, don’t deny it), and a few mousetraps (maybe more than a few) and you can copy her exactly!

Depending on your Halloween plans, this costume might not be the right choice. There are definitely simpler options, but I can almost promise this one is cooler and more creative then whatever you were thinking. Thanks to this outfit, Demi will forever be my trap queen ;)