Do's & Don'ts of DIY make up guide

We all have been applying make up for years but still there are some blunders of which we may not be aware. Only when someone points it out, do we realize that we have been doing it all wrong. This post aims to save you the embarrassment of being told by someone else that your make up is not up to the mark, or it is cakey and that the color of your neck and face are uneven. When it comes to make up, there is no definite rule set but yes, there can be effective suggestions to do it properly if not perfectly. So opt for the following Dos and Don’ts of DIY make up guidelines to enhance your beauty and save the embarrassment of appearing caked and clumsy.

The Dos and Don’ts of DIY make up

Do use lighter and less bright eye shadows if you are not going to some costume party - Lighter shadows complement your eyes well and do not make you appear clumsy or heavily made up. Some people have the habit of applying pink or yellow shades on their eyelids and it looks quite sparky, if not ugly. If you are going to some party where everyone is high on their make up, it is okay. But if you are out on a regular day, it can look really awful. So, opt for the light brown or nude or even slight pink if you wish to make it noticeable but not overdone.

Don’t darken your eyebrows that much - Work on your eyebrows, make them appear bushy or use soft strokes, but don’t rub the pencil heavily on your eyebrows to maximize the effect. Trust me, you won’t look appealing at all.

Do cleanse your face before applying make up - Think of your face as a canvas where you are going to paint a beautiful picture. You need to take care of the canvas first in order to make the picture perfect in all its splendor. So, cleanse your face and moisturize it properly before applying your make up. Some experts say that rubbing ice cubes on your face before applying make up makes it durable and your face looks fresher as well.

Don’t overdo your foundation so that it looks caked up - Yes, many people do that for a fairer skin. But it shouldn’t be so. The more you increase the layers of foundation on your face, the more you hamper your natural beauty. Make up should be applied to enhance your beauty not to diminish it in any way.

Do apply mascara as it gives volume to your eyelashes and also make your eyes look bigger and brighter - You can experiment with some colors while partying but on a regular day, it is best to go for jet black or dark brown. Also, rub off the extra volume with a tissue and be careful not to smudge your eyelids with the mascara.

Don’t give a second stroke of mascara over the first one - Many of you do this mistake over and over again. The result? Ugly spidery eyes with lashes sticking out. So, don’t do that. Let it look natural.

Make up is like the jewelry you wear on your face. Just like you match every accessory to your attire, you should also see if your make up goes well with your overall appearance. If you can do it properly, you are sure to catch eyeballs but if you do not, chances are, you will end up looking clumsy and embarrassing if not disastrous. So make sure you keep it light to complement your overall look. Don’t worry, if you follow the above mentioned guidelines carefully and carry yourselves well, you will become the center of attraction in any party or social gathering. Talk to a professional makeup artist if you still have some doubts regarding DIY make up.