10 awesome French manicure DIY designs to embrace yourself this summer

Tired of vibrant pops or dazzling glitters or shimmering metallic’s? It’s time to go nude on nails. Go back to your good old friend, the classic, never out of fashion french manicure. We know ladies, love it so much! The perfect style that you can carry off with anything and everything. Choose your favorite French manicure base hue - the everlasting nude, the innocent cream, the girly pink, or the classy beige tipped with pure white color. No matter what you choose, you will look nothing less than beautiful and elegant.

With little patience, practice and precision you can become an ace in the art. So let your nails do the talking this summer with some simple, easy yet fantastic DIY French manicure designs. Let’s get started.

1. Classy French Tip

Nothing can compete with the age old classic French tip nails.
Start with applying a transparent coat to protect your nails. Top it with the base color of your choice. And tip your nails with the chalk white color and coat it with a clear polish to seal the look. This design is that easy! This versatile design is warm and fizzy, perfect for your everyday look.

2. Floral Twist

The best thing about French manicures is that can flaunt them even you have short nail. Choose pink as your base color. The trick here to make the white tip thin. Now accentuate the nail of your ring finger with white and black floral designs. Or you can hire a nail artist to add  vibrant flower designs on every finger. Here goes the classic French manicure with some floral twist.

3. Go Glitter

Can’t do without glitter?
Make a statement with sparky French manicure. Use clear nail polish as a base. Now fill the tips with silver or glitter to complete the studded look. For more drama coat your entire ring finger with silver or  glitter.

4. Black Tip

Want to stand out in the crowd?
How about a black French manicure?
Coat the base of your nails with clear or beige color. Now tip it off with black nail polish to get that Gothic look. Add black polka dots in any one of the fingers for a complete look.

5. Colored Tip

Why stick to white when there so many colors?
Get colorful with salmon tipped nails. Get your nail based colored in pink or clear color. Now fill the tips with salmon color. You can use any color of your choice. Pops will work just fine. Feel free to cover some of the nails with intricate floral and butterfly designs in cuter candy colors like pink and sea green.

6. Lusty Lacy

Tip you beloved nails with lacy designs. Base it with clear color. The nest part is bit tricky. Now tip your fingers with black and white polish alternatively with inverted polka dots on top. Accent the inner edges of the French tips with lace like design. And there you go! All sassy and cute.

7. Go metallic

Go metallic with this futuristic french manicure design. All you need is a matte silver color and a shinny silver metallic color. Use the first one as a base while the other as a tip color. Voila! You are done.

8. Go Royal

Here is a French manicure design that does not require the basic colors of the style. Get royal with light pink matte base and metallic gold tip. Carry it off on formal occasions. Make sure that the golden tip is thin to get the perfect look. Play with different combinations like blood red and silver or purple and gold.

9. Rainbow Hues

How about getting colorful?

Get hold of all you favorite pop colors. Start with coating your nails with a nude base. Now gently make thin tips with multi colors. You can use neons like magenta, light blue, yellow and pink. Get the sporty look now.

10. Animal Prints

Get bold with animal print tops like zebra stripes or leopard prints. Coat your nails with light pink base. Add a thick white top. Now add patterns in the white area with black polish to get your preferred print. Finish off with a clear top coat.

Our dear old French manicure has evolved through ages. While retaining its classic look, there are plenty of designs to play with. So decorate you fingers with new deigns every day. Create your own signature design and let us know!