How to look Spooktacular with Bae: DIY Couples Costumes

Bring on the candy comas and the orange colored everything, Halloween, has finally arrived!! The only time of year when you can dress up as whhhhatever you want, and no one will judge you. Realistically, some people will judge you, but they’re no fun and clearly do not understand your spirited nature. Now assuming you and your honey have been dating for a little while now, it is time to take the big step and dress up together! *GASP* Now, instead of questioning every aspect of your relationship, (Do you think he’s ready to dress up together?! Do I suggest the idea?! What if he hates it and thinks I’m a loser?!) We are here to help you find some DIY costumes, that might make this Halloween a little less worry-some.

The key to a first-time-couple-costume is its ease. No boy wants to spend a ton of money on some complicated costume that no one will understand. SO throw all those ideas away, and lets get back to reality. The best couples costumes are the ones that look funny and effortless. Creativity is key, which is why we are here to help!

Camp Counselors

With the recent release of Wet Hot American Summer, this costume is both pop-culture relevant and easy to put together. Throw on a graphic tee, a sweatband, and some nerdy high socks, and you and your cutie will be the talk of the party. The clipboard and whistle are highly encouraged to complete the outfit ;)

Popeye and Olive Oil

I don’t think there is one man on this earth that wouldn’t love the opportunity to show off his muscles. Run to the party store, grab a sailor hat and some yellow and blue accessories, and you can easily throw this adorable costume together. Draw an anchor on those big muscles of his and you have created the perfect couples costume that he is sure to love.  Plus, how cute does he look in that hat?!

Tooth and Tooth Fairy

This one is a personal favorite of mine, but I am an admitted sucker for anything with a tutu. It’s a perfect couples costume because you still get to look cute and flirty, while he’s comfy in his pillow DIY tooth. You just have to get a larger pillow and cut holes for his head and arms, and you’ve made this super creative costume for under $10. It’s the best combo to show off your hot bod, while still looking silly and playful together the whole night.

Pizza and Pizza Delivery Guy

Definitely the easiest costume for him, this duo is sure to get everyone’s attention.  Assuming he already owns everything necessary for the outfit (check his garbage, I’m sure there’s an old pizza box in there somewhere), it makes it an easy idea to pull off. You might have to put in a little extra work on your end of the outfit, but when you come to the party all dressed up, it will just reassure him how adorable you are.  Boys love to see the effort, they’re just not always willing to put it in themselves. COSTUME BONUS: you totally have an excuse to eat pizza late night together!

Dressing up with your new boo (pun intended) is just another way to make Halloween fun. With these super easy and creative costumes, he’ll be eager to show you off! The commitment doesn’t have to be as scary as the holiday!