Celeb Style Steal of the Week: Selena Gomez

With her new album Revival released just last week, Selena Gomez is on non-stop celeb watch. Her fashion, her talent, and her loving personality keeps her fans everywhere constantly addicted. Seeing as she is all over the pop-culture news, it seemed only appropriate to make her the focus of this weeks style steal!

It is extremely difficult to rock a ‘boyfriend’ outfit, but obviously Selena does it with ease. In my experience, you are either drowning in your boyfriends actual clothes, or it just looks like you forgot to get dressed after your sleezy night out. BUT, clearly there is a way to do it, so we set out to find it for you.

Here, Selena shows us that the best way to accomplish this look is by adding a feminine flare. Also, just a hint, this isn’t actually her boyfriends shirt (she isn’t even dating right now!). So, we have learned that even without a boyfriend (sorry ladies, maybe it’ll happen soon) you can rock this outfit.

Selena starts this outfit with an oversized pocket shirt, hers is JCREW Men’s (Ludlow Spread Collar, $88) but she made sure to buy a size that was flattering.

Then, to add that feminine, rocker chick touch, she threw on the Suede Biker Jacket from TopShop ($320). She has been spotted wearing this jacket multiple times, so totally worth the investment.

Her finishing touches complete the outfit. Her cute little Chanel Quilted clutch, paired with the super low heeled Booties; both give her those finishing touches to show everyone she is definitely not in pajamas.

Though we all imagine that we will look fabulous rockin’ our honey’s shirt, its pretty impossible. BUT don’t fret!! Selena taught us that you could look completely effortless with just a teeny tiny but effort. Unfortunately MSA can’t get you a boyfriend, but we can definitely get you this look!!