20 Most Terrifying 2017 Halloween Costume Ideas

  • Are you looking for spine-chilling Halloween costumes this year? My Style Authority has got the 20 most terrifying Halloween costume ideas.
  • It’s fascinating to know how Hollywood and different web series have influenced Halloween costume ideas.
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Who cares about looking cute! Terrifying Halloween costumes are trending all over the internet. But you know what’s even scarier? Getting the perfect costume for Halloween. We bet, every year you have to face a silent challenge (sometimes it becomes an open challenge too!) about getting the best or rather a scariest Halloween costume among your friends. Given the amount of creativity and DIY options available on the internet, this year is no different at all. Sure, you could try out something cutesy, but don’t you think it’s better to shock your buddies with the most terrifying 2017 Halloween costumes ideas?


Halloween looks, costumes and ‘trick or treat’are not something new. The festival has come a long way since the good old days when you’d just use some face paint and choose a weird wig to scare your near and dear ones. With the emergence of internet and excellence in the quality and design of makeups, the Halloween costumes and looks have become much more realistic nowadays. It is time to put the “horror” factor in Halloween.


These 2017 Halloween costume ideas are dedicated to the movie buffs. Whether you are looking to fulfill your dream of playing your favorite villain or you just want to look like someone back from the grave, we have got the 20 most terrifying 2017 Halloween costume ideas. The best part is, you won’t have to make too much effort because My Style Authority can help you get in touch with the best in class makeup and designer professionals. Check out these 20 most terrifying 2017 Halloween costume ideas presented by My Style Authority and get the inspiration (or blood!) flowing.


1. Hannibal Costume: The Stag


Every single serial killer, be it a real or fictitious, has got a hidden beast in him/her. Starting from Dexter’s self-proclaimed unseen evil version known as the “dark passenger” to Hannibal’s evil Dr. Lecter who was driven by “The Stag” - a dark metaphor, which urged him to kill. The Stag is one of the most popular villain characters and Halloween is just the perfect time to get “The Stag” costume. This 2017 Halloween costume idea needs four-point deer antlers, glue, wire coat hanger, a cutting tool, and toothpicks. While fixing the deer antlers just make sure that the antlers are turned towards the right direction facing each other.


2. “Purge” Horror Madness


When it comes to most terrifying 2017 Halloween costume ideas for the movie buffs, you just cannot miss out The Purge. It is not at all difficult to recreate this chaotic madness. All you have to do is get the simple yet hair-raising face masks and a few accessories like an ax, a hacksaw (or a machete), a hammer dripping with blood, and a machine gun. Lastly, get a white t-shirt, mix water, corn syrup, red dye and splash that mixture in that t-shirt to look like a psycho killer of The Purge. That’s it, you are done, no one would dare to mess with you!


3. Pennywise from “It”


When it is about scaring the hell out of people, the Pennywise clown mask and costume is one of the ideal 2017 Halloween costume ideas. This terrifying clown recently became one of the freakiest movie characters ever. Even without the frilly clown suit, just the mask of Pennywise is totally horrifying. But if you have time and want to make things more realistic to scare your buddies, then just skip the mask and choose the make-up. You can use a wig to make things even scarier. Trust me, if the makeup is good, the transformation will terrify your friends.


4. Killer Scarecrow


It can be one the most unique 2017 Halloween costume ideas. This is nothing like the normal scarecrow in the fields or a friendly Wizard of Oz scarecrow. All you will need is a bit of dark makeup around the eyes and a scythe (obviously a false one! You wouldn’t want to chop someone’s head off!), a cone-shaped hat and some rugged clothes to accompany it. That’s all, anyone would freak out looking at you at the first glance.


5. Monster Mouth


If you want to be lazy and frugal but still scary on Halloween, then this is just the perfect Halloween idea. A lot of us can’t plan Halloween costume in advance, but we still want to surprise people, right? Well, that’s cool, all you need is an eyeliner, a white face paint, a white or black long skirt or gown and half an hour. Create a creepy illusion of monster mouth on your face and you are good to go!


6. Bat Creature Costume


Now among all the 2017 Halloween costume ideas mentioned above, this one is perfect for the hard-core Halloween fans. The bat creature costume is not only pricey but it is also a bit heavy. But, rest assured. This is totally worth it if you want some really terrifying reactions from kids and your buddies. If you want to scare someone by suddenly coming out from the dark, this costume can give him a heart attack.


7. Demon Costume


You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating demon costumes and makeup. This is one of the most common 2017 Halloween costume ideas where you get a complete free-hand to explore different makeup and demon costumes. Whether you use the prosthetic horns or the special-effects contact lenses, nothing can be more satisfying than designing your own monster costume. Just be careful while making the cosmetic contact lenses, that’s all.


8. Zombie Makeup and 2017 Halloween Costume Ideas


There is a very good reason why zombies have been in the spotlight for so many years. Innumerable movies have shown their sole desire to chew your face off. The worst part is, their hunger is contagious. Among the best 2017 Halloween costume ideas, we just cannot miss out the zombie makeup and costume ideas. The liquid latex offers a ripped skin effect and use the fake acrylic nails as protruding teeth and walking in a weird fashion in front of your buddies. It will definitely scare the hell out!


9. Terrible Teeth Mask


Starting from the leviathans of Supernatural to the Sugarplum Fairy in the “Cabin in the Woods”, there is a primal fear while looking at a face full of teeth. It becomes even scarier when you imagine a face just with teeth with the only urge to eat everything. All you need is some polymer clay to make the teeth, a black see-through mesh, a painted plastic mask and you can create one of the best 2017 Halloween costume ideas. You will be able to scare the bejesus out of your friends for just $20.


10. Titan from the Attack on Titan


The Titans are huge monstrosities that are 20-30 feet tall and look like naked empty-headed ken dolls with a zombie-like expression. This look can be created by using makeup and gelatin or glycerine mixture for the teeth. The makeup part is not difficult, but to make this look overall realistic, you will need a white gown, big blank eyes and a devilish grin on the face. Because, unlike zombies, the Titans will smile when they eat you.


11. Haunted Wooden Doll


If you want to look like a rebooted version of Annabelle– the most talked about horror flick of this year, then this is one of the best 2017 Halloween costume ideas. With this makeup, you can easily transform yourself into a creepy caricature of humanity. You won’t have to do a lot of hard work to freak people out if you choose this costume. Just sit in one corner of a room at a Halloween party and stare quietly at the people. It will scare them in an instant!


12. Shadow People


The kids look pretty cute in a normal dress. Now, just imagine them jumping out from a dark corner in a completely black morph suit. It would freak the hell out of you! This is one of the easiest 2017 Halloween costume ideas. All you will need is a black morph suit, that’s it. So, what are you waiting for? Dress your kind in the black suit and scare everyone in the room with this Halloween costume idea and see how they react!


13. The Nun from American Horror Story


Accept it, after watching American Horror Story and The Conjuring 2, the mere thought of nuns will run a chill down the spine. Let’s not try to imagine the condition of a person when he sees a nun draped in white/black gown, out of nowhere, with eyes and hands dripping with blood. The makeup and costume are not too difficult.


14. The Nurse from Silent Hill


Nurses are always there to take care of patients, but not this one from Silent Hill. Well, you don’t need to get into the terrifying character, just the white nursing gown, a black small leather purse with some syringes, a splash of red color all over the dress and makeup. Don’t forget the nurse cap with a doctor sign in it. To make things even scarier, you could also carry a fake hacksaw along with you.


15. Killer Snail


Seriously, you need to trust us on this one. Among the scariest 2017 Halloween costume ideas, this one is just brilliant. The teeth and eye stalks are prepared with polymorph plastic which becomes pliable after it’s soaked in warm water. The killer snail makeup includes a scary giant mouth for a face, and the snail shell completes this Halloween costume.


16. Snow Fright


Not all the princes' stories have a happy ending. Since you are looking for scary 2017 Halloween costume ideas, you can check out the makeup and costume idea from the popular Brother’s Grimm protagonist. With accurate makeup and wildly horrific costume, you will look virtually unrecognizable to your friends. If you can be patient and want to make the best of Halloween this year, this is your ideal Halloween costume.


17. Scary Skeletal Pair


Now, this one goes for the couples. Halloween is here and no need to stay calm! Skeletons are one of the most popular 2017 Halloween costume ideas. Let the demons run amok along with other creatures of the night. Just get a pair of creepy contact lenses and a casket ready suit to get that extra-scary effect for the Halloween night. This is the best Halloween costume to scare kids.


18. Frankenstein


Resurrect the legendary Mary Shelley's spine-tingling monster with a beat-up old blazer along with a bit of zombie-inspired makeup. This one can really look creepy and we bet none of your buddies would want to bump into this man. You can also call it as one of the most stylishly spooky 2017 Halloween costume ideas


19. The Joker


Why so serious? When it comes to spreading terror, the Joker is undoubtedly the most popular character. This character has been involved in almost every devilish act with crazy yet logical ideas. The character’s origin is that it doesn’t have one and as much as we humans hate to admit, we need to know the origin of a person to understand him. And this is what makes the Joker so incredibly menacing. Check this guide to dress up as the Clown Prince of Crime and get ready to bring on the chaotic madness this Halloween with the Joker costume and a scary grin on your face. Get a green and purple tuxedo, color your hair in yellow and stretch your lips in red to create the terrifying joker smile. This is surely one of the most popular 2017 Halloween costume ideas to spook people with a drama induced with madness.


20. The Cloaked Figure


The ghost of fairy tales goes super dark with this haunting take. Spotting this haunting figure will make your friends think twice before they leave the house alone at night. The cloak itself will freak people around you and they won’t even dare to check beyond the cloak. You will be able to tap into everyone’s arachnophobia with this Halloween costume.


2017 Halloween costume ideas are going to be everywhere this year. If you want to get the above-mentioned Halloween makeup and costumes in the most accurate way, then you can contact My Style Authority to get in touch with the best and most professional makeup artists and costume designers. While the movie-styled madmen create mayhem, they do it within the confines of our accepted reality. You can escape from a crazy maniac’s butcher knife, but the supernatural phenomenon like faceless creatures, Zombies and other horrific characters take the rules of reality and just rip them to shreds. It’s not the monster that is scary, the scary part is the unknown reality which allows the monster to exist. In the spirit of unknown terrors, we brought you the 20 most terrifying 2017 Halloween costume ideas.