2017 DC Cocktail Week Begins Today! Are You In?

  • In this blog, you will get to know what is so special about the 2017 DC Cocktail Week.
  • We have included some fantastic tips that will help you get the most out of this high-spirited DC event.
  • You will be excited to find the 5 best bars and restaurants where you will be able to quench your thirst in style.

For those who are planning to wet their whistles in the District, this is just the right time to gear up for one of the most exciting events in Washington, D.C. The 2017 DC Cocktail Week has come up and it promises to keep the libations flowing along with unique cocktails and pairings presented by numerous bars and restaurants and you get to check out a plethora of fashionable cocktail dresses for this event. This is one of the main reasons why you won't feel like leaving just after tasting the second or third “hand-crafted” potato vodka and other such "delicacies"!

When you see people around you sharing the same experience, it becomes so much fun. It is just the right time to leave the ingredients you were gathering for this week for the home-cooked feast. Get dressed in your best and most fashionable attire and step out in the open to unwind and enjoy some of the best food and beverages from the professionals. A lot of restaurants are participating and here is your chance to check out a lot of unique cocktails paired with foods from popular restaurants throughout DC. The fun part of this 2017 DC Cocktail Week is, you get to wear your best cocktail apparels while you sip on the specially crafted cocktails at affordable prices.

Food Pairings and Cocktails at DC Cocktail Week

What makes DC Cocktail Week so special is, this event infuses a chance to flaunt your best cocktail dresses for 2017 throughout the week. More than 50 restaurants and bars in Washington, D.C. area will offer specially priced food pairings and a cocktail for enticing the guests and they get the opportunity to try out something new at a very affordable price. The restaurants and bars participating in this event pairs their top quality featured cocktails along with delicious bites just for a single price. Nothing can be a better opportunity to flaunt your best cocktail dresses in this week. If you have ever wished to get involved in the 2017 DC Cocktail Week, then this is your time to shine. 

Break free from your comfort zone, wear the most fashionable apparels you have got for this 2017 DC Cocktail Week and please your taste buds with something new. According to Events DC, 2017 DC Cocktail Week is going to be one of the most “spirited” events of this year which will feature local mixologists, innovative cocktail programs and bartenders who can offer excellent cocktails perfectly paired with delicious bites. This is just the best time to find your favorite watering hole in the Metropolitan Washington area! The specials of 2017 DC Cocktail Week will reflect the retro cocktail trends while complementing the modern cuisine. 

With the 2017 DC Cocktail Week specials, you can explore your fashionista side and check out the classiest 2017 cocktail apparels while the bars and restaurants illustrate their skillful cocktail pairings. You get to experience how these pairings can elevate the flavor and texture of your favorite drinks. You just cannot deny that DC Cocktail Week invokes the fashion element among us and since you are going to attend such an exciting event, you would definitely want to come in your best look. For the best makeups, hairstyles and dress designs, get in touch with the top-class fashion designers and makeup artists through MSA.

What Do You Need to Know About 2017 DC Cocktail Week?

The 2017 DC Cocktail Week is the 5th Annual DC Cocktail Week. It has already started today and it will continue until 19th November. This event is sponsored by the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington which is a regional trade association representing foodservice and restaurant industry in the Washington, D.C. In this week, you have the chance of exploring the varied range of cocktails, choose the best and most fashionable cocktail outfits while bringing out your inner fashionable self and check out unique bites at an unbeatable price. Since the 2017 DC Cocktail Week is one of the best events of Washington, D.C. you need to know a few things before you head out for this event. Here are a few tips to get the most out of 2017 DC Cocktail Week.

First of all, don’t forget the fashion aspect of this 2017 DC Cocktail Week. It is best to come in a cocktail attire to attend the DC Cocktail week event. The cocktail attire is essentially a semi-formal look that bridges the gap between a casual wear and a complete formal attire. It became a part of the American attire in 1803. If you want to get the perfectly customized cocktail attire for 2017 DC Cocktail Week, get in touch with MSA, your ultimate go-to in D.C. for the best fashion designers and beauty professionals.

You need to make a reservation at your preferred restaurant or it will become extremely difficult to get any seats. More than top 50 restaurants in Washington, D.C. area will get busy. The craze of DC Cocktail Week is such that a lot of restaurants doesn’t even want to wait for reservations because the people waiting in the queues are huge in number.

Secondly, cocktails are expensive in D.C. So, now is the best time to step out from your comfort zone and check out the top-class cocktails. This is your chance to experience something new at the most affordable price.

Check out the menus and reviews so that you know what they are going to offer. The price range is affordable for most of the restaurants but it is better to plan before ordering because you will need to eat additional food.

The restaurants across Maryland and Virginia are also participating in the 2017 DC Cocktail Week. With so many restaurants participating in this event, this is going to be the best week to bring a change in your looks and apparels and MSA can help you get the exact cocktail fashion dresses you need. The local distilleries are also helping the Metropolitan Washington area to make up for the lost time during prohibition and they are also contributing to the cocktail week pairings that are available at the time of promotion.

The 5 Best Bars and Restaurants for 2017 DC Cocktail Week

During the 2017 DC Cocktail Week, inhabitants of Washington, D.C. Maryland and Virginia can enjoy uniquely paired, creative cocktails and bites from different restaurants. As mentioned above, more than 50 restaurants are participating. Here is a sneak peek at the best restaurants which offer excellent treats to look forward to.

Occidental Grill & Seafood: Among the 50+ restaurants participating in the 2017 DC Cocktail Week, the Occidental Grill & Seafood offers a unique and an over-the-top pairing which is ideal for the seafood lovers. The restaurant is located at 1475 Pennsylvania Ave NW. It offers Cthulhu cocktail which is prepared with mezcal, cilantro, avocado and chili-lime bitters. It is garnished with the squid ink tuile and the lime-poached calamari along with the octopus tacos. These are served with the guacamole and fresh salsa. Seems pretty unique to check out, isn’t it? To get the pairing special for this 2017 DC Cocktail Week, you need to be available from 3 pm to 10 pm. This is one of the best bar cum restaurants in Washington, D.C. You shouldn’t miss out its unique cocktail and pairings.

Taqueria del Bario: For the 2017 DC Cocktail week, the next in our list is the Petworth eatery Taqueria del Bario which offers a unique cocktail in the DC Cocktail Week. They even have a pretty engaging name for this cocktail, it is known as “Show me Your Pepita” cocktail. The ingredients of this cocktail are quite unique as well. It is prepared from Ilegal Reposado mezcal and also a home-made toasted Pepita syrup. Along with it, you can choose the mouthwatering carnitas tacos. During the 2017 DC Cocktail week, this pairing is available in the business hours of Taqueria del Barrio. To check out the mouthwatering carnitas and the unique cocktail, you have to make a reservation at 821 Upshur St NW.

Pennsylvania 6: For all the champagne lovers out there, this bar cum restaurant will definitely let you rejoice! Pennsylvania 6 offers Dr. Neville cocktail for 2017 DC Cocktail week which is made up of champagne, home-made grapefruit liqueur, Peychaud’s bitters and Lillet Rose. This classic and bubbly cocktail is prepared with a scallop crudo which is marinated in a chardonnay citrus reduction, garnished with grapefruit and served with fresh cucumber. The best feature of this restaurant is, you will get the cocktail and its pairings throughout the day. Get into your most fashionable attire and make your reservations now at 1350 Eye Street NW, to enjoy the best cocktail in Washington, D.C.

All Set: For this 2017 DC Cocktail Week, if you want to arrange a hosting party or a business function, this is just the right place for you. You are in for an unforgettable experience this week. There are private dining rooms for guests who would want to sit and enjoy and there is also space for guests who would want to roam around and enjoy their cocktails. You will get to check out the 3 sets of menus for seated dining as well as the delicious selections of light snacks for cocktail receptions. Make your reservations at All Set now to get customized menus according to your choice.

Bar Dupont: Fine and Brandy! In this 2017 DC Cocktail Week, this bar cum restaurant offers the classiest of cocktails blending the US-French relations. It offers a special cocktail combining the fine French Cognac and the American Applejack Brandy stirred along with pomegranate and Van Gogh coffee liqueur. The drink is complemented with Applewood smoke, candied orange zest and garnished with a dark chocolate. This cocktail treat is combined with a spiced pork belly and Asian slaw. The pairing is available in this 2017 DC Cocktail Week every day at Bar Dupont from 3 PM to 11 PM.

The Favorite Cocktails of Different Hollywood Celebs

As we all know, celebs are popular for their fashion apparels and a number of efforts that they invest in order to maintain their onscreen aura. We are familiar with them in Hollywood movies and TV series, but have you ever wondered what would they actually want to offer if they visited 2017 DC Cocktail Week? Here are your answers to Hollywood celebs choice of cocktails

Jennifer Aniston loves to sip into a Margarita. According to her statement in Yahoo, she said: “it’s delicious”. Oprah Winfrey has said on record that she loves Moscow Mule in her signature copper mug. It is one of the most refreshing cocktails in the world. Scarlet Johansson likes to keep it simple. Her favorite cocktail is Champagne. Jennifer Lawrence’s favorite vacation beverage is A Piña Colada. Kate Moss’s favorite is A French 76. Beyoncé loves to sip on Red Wine. When it is about a strong woman like Madonna, it is pretty obvious that she is going to love something strong for her cocktails. Madonna loves a Pomegranate Martini.

The 2017 DC Cocktail Week is here and we bet you are surely going to attend it. This week is not only about the creative complimentary cocktails and food pairings, but the 2017 DC Cocktail Week is also about the cocktail fashion apparels and brings out the fashionista inside you. Get in touch with MSA to contact the best fashion designers and create a fashion statement of your own. And this one goes for both men and women. MSA features on its website, many renowned fashion professionals who can offer you the top-notch cocktail apparels for both men and women. Let’s make this 2017 DC Cocktail Week as the trendiest cocktail fashion week which will be remembered for a long time. Enjoy the uniquely crafted cocktails prepared by different bars and restaurants and the small bite pairings during the 2017 DC Cocktail week and let the cocktail fashion apparels become your best companion to attend it.