Ten foods which make you look older than you are

Aging is inevitable. We all have to grow old with time one day and we cannot do anything to reverse the cycle, unfortunately. However, we can delay the signs of aging by following a healthy lifestyle. Leading a poor lifestyle can lead to degradation of both physical and mental health. Due to the busy life we lead today, the consumption of packaged and processed food has dramatically increased. Packaged food are readily available at supermarkets and food stores and they can be consumed either directly or just be microwaving for few minutes. Packaged food contains preservatives that prevent the food from spoiling and getting infected by bacteria, thus keeping the food fresh and consumable for longer period than non-preserved foods. Having too much preservative food can cause breathing problems and is said to affect behavioral changes in young children.

Stress at workplace and many other factors have contributed in early aging both in men and women. Appearance of fine line and wrinkles, graying of hair in your early 40s can be the symptom for premature aging. Your food can also be a big reason for early aging. Some food tends to make you look older than you are. Here are ten food listed below that can make you look almost twice your age, know about them and try to cut these from your food habit, to look younger.

1. Processed meat: Processed meat contains high level of sulphites which is used as preservatives to store meat for longer time and in a fresh condition. Also, eating too much of red meat can cause wrinkles and make you look aged  early. Our body works in a pH of 7.0 which is slightly alkaline,when food goes out of this body range, the cells do not work properly and in order to balance it, the body starts to pull the mineral salt from cells and bones. This results in free radical formation which causes early aging.

2. Trans fat: Trans fat are present in large amount in fast foods. Trans fat produce free radicals that can damage the DNA cells and may lead to skin cancer. As a result, the skin elasticity is lost and wrinkles appear on skin at an early age.

3. Sugar: Too much sugar intake will rise up the insulin level in blood. When sugar gets in the body, it attaches to amino groups of proteins in the tissues like collagen and slowly converts them into advanced glycation end products (AGE). This brings in a major risk of type 2 Diabetes to the body, the collagen fibres loose their elasticity as a result the skin condition worsens and it becomes saggy.

4. Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates have high glycemic index which may lead to break down of skin collagen. High carbohydrate food increases the glucose level in blood thus increasing the insulin production. High insulin level promotes rapid cell death and propels the aging process leading to wrinkles.

5. Coffee: A cup of coffee might boost your energy to keep going few more hours at work but caffeine can be really harsh on your teeth and can accelerate the aging process. If you are addicted to coffee, try consuming a glass of water after every cup of coffee to keep yourself hydrated. Coffee is a diuretic and will cause your skin look dull and aged.

6. Fried food: Fried food consumption leads to building of trans fat which causes break down of collagen and causes skin to loose its elasticity and make you look older than you actually are. People who eat too much of fast food are likely to start looking much older than they are.

7. Energy drinks: Energy drinks might give you an instant boost of energy, but the presence of phosphate in those drinks may cause early aging. There can be problems of brittle bones and muscle weakness too. Be careful and check the amount of energy drink you consume in a week.

8. Artificial sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners are very harmful for the overall health. It contains Aspartame which is associated with joint pains and headaches. It is also associated with causing craving. When you consume artificial sweeteners in a large amount it affect the skin causing it look dull and causes wrinkles too.

9. Spicy Foods: Spicy foods may taste delicious but it can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Spicy food can boost metabolism but at the same time it can enlarge the blood vessels which may lead to premature aging due to loosening of skin.

10. Alcohol: Alcohol is harmful for the liver and also for the skin. This is why it is recommended either to avoid drinking or to drink in a limit. Alcohol extracts Vitamin A from the skin cells which is a major element for cell renewal process. Alcohol also causes broken capillaries on the face thus giving the person consuming it, an older appearance.

Everybody wishes to have a good skin that look bright and youthful but due to our sedentary lifestyle, we consume such food that are actually doing more harm than good to our skin. This is why, we must always check the possible side effects of consuming foods that we love to eat. These foods are actually addictive in nature but, they can have an adverse affect to our skin and body, if over consumed.