Up and Personal With Jessica Dew

Fashion inspires us all. Most of us leaf through various fashion magazines, follow style icons on Instagram and create styles that satisfy us. But not many are so inspired by fashion that they make it a career choice. Very few have the guts to do it. Very few of us know fashion well enough to become a #fashionsita, but again, the person we are talking about today is not just any person.

This beautiful, bold and confident fashionista had a very fashionable career graph. Right from her early days, she worked as a creative wardrobe stylist for films, television, theatre, and the beauty industry. She boosted her horizons further by partaking in features, independent films, television, commercials, web series, plays, concerts, and fashion shows. Eventually, she became what she is today and finally decided to launch a one-of-kind, fashion platform for beauty influencers, My Style Authority. Yes, you got it right, we are talking The Tech Barbie, a.k.a Jessica Dew!

If you follow her on Instagram or any other social media handle, you know how gracefully she carries herself in every attire. How she turns a basic makeup trend into something bold and quirky. Wishing you could throw a few fashion questions in her direction? Well, we did that! We got her to answer six fashion-based questions and here is what she had to say!

What trends are you looking forward to in 2020?

I’m excited about the winter white fashions! Who says you can’t wear white after labor day? However, if I have to pick a few looks, I will opt for, Bralette under blazer suit look, colorful leather tops and bottoms, and the thigh-high splits. Oh! also I’m going to die for day to night sequin, you know the head to toe kind. Also, the 1920’s trends will translate into the 2020s, I cant wait to try some of that retro fashion.

What are the basics that you keep in your wardrobe?

My wardrobe is usually stuffed with the latest fashion, and things that I fancy (LOL) But okay if I have to pick ..uuuummm, I think, my Leather Moto Jacket, a pair of perfect fitted mid-rise jeans, a few items in sequins, metallics, and animal print, day and night ensembles. Also booties, all types of them, and finally hats. Those will include berets, beanies, and stiff brim hats. I hope I did not miss out on anything.

Which makeup/fashion accessory you don’t leave home without?

My lipstick collection. I never leave home without them. Period! I love lipsticks. Sometimes I don’t know which color matches my feelings, so I stuff all of the shades in my purse. But my favorite is Red.

Who is your favorite style icon?

Woh! Now that is a very tricky question! It's hard to choose one from my yard-long list (LOL). Okay, let’s see.. At this moment I will say, Tracee Ellis Ross. She is so edgy and sexy. She is both classic and high-fashion at the same time. She is damn bold and does not shy away from colors, prints, or textures. She is a risk-taker, I love that, but she does all this while keeping with her signature style. I would honestly raid her closet someday!

What is your Signature Style?


I like to think of myself as a High Fashion Hippy, that is my signature style. Right now my vibes are bohemian, and this is the style I will be keeping for some time. I love fringe, leather, flowy fabrics, and I am obsessed with the 70’s era. But hey, I am no Mother Earth. I love to keep it trendy and hot. I like to keep it edgy thus I experiment a lot with colors, patterns, fabrics, and accessories. Yeah, I am High on fashion, thus a Happy Hippy!

What inspired you to start My Style Authority?

As a freelancer in the wardrobe for the entertainment industry, I was inspired to have a connecting platform where like minds in beauty, fashion, and style could connect, support, and promote their art. Also, I knew the power of having a supportive community and I felt that this was needed in the style industry. I became obsessed with building a resource that I wish I had, especially during the early parts of my career. Also, creating something bigger than myself and establishing generational wealth for my family. My Style Authority was the answer to all that!

Jessica is always open to more questions and fashion-related queries, so don’t shy away from connecting with her! Follow the Techbarbie on all social platforms and bring the magic of style in your life!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jdew1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetechbarbie/?hl=en