4 Pretty Nail Colors For The Summer Days

The sun is scorching outside your window. You look down on your hands and they seem bland in your most recent manicure. Yes, you have spent a lot, but then something seems to be off.

So you pull yourself up, get to your nail polish basket and start sieving through the multiple bottles of nail polish you have gathered over the years.

Now, with a basket of a rainbow on your lap, you are confused. Which one to choose? Which of the colors scream SUMMER?

We all have been in that position. In fact, it is one of THE most confusing moments in a girl’s life. But you don't need to spread that word lady! Guys will definitely not understand the depth of this confusion.

So, with a bucket full of confusion and no help from anyone, you continue shifting through the shades and end up with some bad choices which you are most likely to repent later.

Well, not anymore! We are here to rescue you from this colorful chaos!

So here is a list of your best options:

Candy Turquoise:

What's better than some blue blossoms to pep up your summer mood?! Though blues are some very underrated shades, they can really bring out the glamour, if the manicure is done properly.

All you need to do is pick out a nice pigmented formula which will simmer and dazzle on your nails in the summer sun. Let the blue cool make you drool! Speaking of which, check out @jyotiaggarwalofficial and her cool blue manicure!

Pink Metallic:

This summer, it's all about metallic and mirrorshades. But if you don't want anything loud, a soft metallic pick is a nice thing to go with. Why? Well, why not?! They are easy on the eyes, sexy and has just the right amount of luster ideal for the summer months. Plus, think about the pictures you can click!

It's the rooftop season, so you can hold up your glass of rosé and show off your nails in the summer eve! However, if you have sensitive nails, then do opt for a gentle formula which can give you some cushion and gloss at the same time. @annleebeauty is pulling off this metallic pink with such grace!

SunKissed Orange:

Looking for some warmth on your nails in the summer months? Then just add some bright shimmery tangerine shades to your nails. If you are a “let’s watch the sunshine” type of person, these shades are ideal for you! Now you do not have to wait for the dusk, just look down on your nails and it's dusk already!

These are very bright shades and can be spotted from far away. So get ready for some fine compliments. @m7mmichelle is doing great with this shade!

Red Hot Chilly:

This is one of the sassiest and easiest colors to pull off during the summer days! Red hot nails can boost your confidence 10 folds if you can pull them off, and it's very easy to do so actually.

Select a formula that suits nicely with your nail type. Plus, red hot nails have various tints. While some can be more towards the orange side, others can be a little bit on the red section. So select one that suits your skin type! Again @m7mmichelle is doing great with the color!

It's time to get your nails rolling in some hot pepper colors.

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