The Must-Try Fashion Styles of The Season

While you are gearing up for the season, do you know what all to get? Are you aware of the best fashion trends of the season? No? Well, don’t fret, My Style Authority is here to take care of all that!

Every year new styles and trends pop up in the fashion industry. The runways set the benchmark of style and based on that we make our “fashion-call”.

This year too is no different. But before you go out to shop your fashion essentials this year, here are a few things that you must consider buying! If not all, at least two of these items must find its way in your closet so that you are set to walk every hallway like a runway!

Snake Pattern:

Of course, you own a few animal prints since they are on fire this season. But a current upgrade to these animal prints is Snake Print! Yes, you heard it right! Snake prints are going to rage far and wide this year. The best part is you can use this print on almost any clothing item. Be it a belt, or an accent, or an overcoat maybe?

Coordinated Sets:

Matchy-matchy clothes are a thing of the past now! It's the year of Co-ord and if you wish to look like a fashionista you must opt for these this season! Co-ds can be pulled off with minimum effort and they never fail to look gorgeous. However, if you are going for a formal look, opt for sharply tailored clothes, or go for bold color options if you wish to look playful and fun.

It All White This Season:

Summer is almost synonymous with white. The color brings in a peace of mind in the scorching summer heat. Gear up to play with textures, patterns, and style. Layerings add more dimension to white clothes. So prepare to buy quite a few light jackets, scarves, shorts, trousers and shirts.

Though whites look beautiful, you might have to spend quite a hefty amount maintaining these white beauties. But the money and time would be worth it.


While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, sleek Gold jewelry is a show stopper. They look enchanting if paired with the right kind of clothes. If you are opting for a light-colored short or a cute short dress, accessories with sleek gold jewels will help you to look glam and beautiful.

Chokers too are quite in vogue. However, you must know how to pair them right to bring out the best possible.

Half Heels:

For shoes this season, opt for the semi heels, that is neither too high nor too low. Buy kitten heels to edge up your height a little bit. It is ideal to opt for the pointy ones to keep the look peppy and fresh. These heels look good with almost anything. Be it denim or skirts, kitten heels can just make anything look good.

So bring out the best of your looks and opt for the trendiest fashion trends this season!