Expecting In Style!

Congrats! We wish you have an angelic daughter or a very handsome son! Now that you are pregnant, your wardrobe may require some change. All these days you have worn different styles to your heart's content. Be it trendy jumpsuits, or chic cute sporty skirts.

These may need to take the backseat in your wardrobe for a while now. It is now time to embrace the new look for the next 9 months! This is one of the most beautiful times in your life. The best part is, you will glow even without trying!

Since your hormones are raging, you need to match up your style to that, and for this purpose, shopping as per your pregnancy body type is required.

Being pregnant does not mean that you have to get rid of your personal style. There are multiple maternity options which you can use to flatter your beautiful shape(see Megan Markle!) No matter if you are carrying high or low, big or small, there is something for everyone!

So let My Style Authority help you with the perfect outfit to flaunt your look!

If Big All Over


While some women gain some mass around the belly, others swell up all over! You are not the only one swelling everywhere, from your limbs to your face, there are others out there! But don't try to shy away from this. In fact, use soft fabrics and longer lines to accentuate your baby bump!

Try putting on some softly knit clothes, with the hemline touching your knees. You can also opt for form-fitting fabrics to show your cute baby bump!

Carrying Low:

If your baby is positioned at the lower part of the body, you may put on some weight around your hips, and grow a tiny cute belly. For such ladies, below-the-bump-cuts work exceptionally cute. Joggers can be your to-go option ladies. Say hello elastic waistbands! Joggers work better than sweatpants due to the tapered finished legs.  Go for neutral colors, like grey or black. A black jumpsuit can be tried since they are mess free. Additionally, the tapered legs are roomy enough to let you breathe.

Carrying High:

If you have a high baby bump, we have some really cute maternity styles in store for you! Begin by separating the bust from the bump using high belts, ties, and contrasting colors. You can get really creative with the existing accessories in your closet.

A high waisted skirt, for instance, can be a good option. Try to avoid standard monochrome colors and get playful! Tuck in contrasting tank top so that it looks quirky and fun! Pair it up with a comfy cardigan and you are set.

A nice chic Maxi dress can also do the trick! Opt for a maxi dress in airy fabric and go for fancy Boho patterns and colors. Secure it right above your bump with a fancy belt or a shrug and you are ready in style!

Carrying Small:

If you are a petite beauty, be sure that the bump is going to grow outwards.  But the rest of you will remain tiny as earlier. A small maternity look will let you play with a lot of maternity styles. You don't need to keep away your graphic shirts, pants, skin-hugging jeans, and all those quirky outfits! This is, in fact, the perfect time to experiment with a few fashion trends.

You can start with a really skinny pair of jeans that show the shape of your legs, or you can opt for the boyfriend fits which are much in vogue these days. Pair it up with a light colored sweater and a knotted belt to bring the best of your style. A felt topper and casual sneakers are best to complete such a look.

You can also go for a form fitted dress in cute graphics print. A pair of comfortable sandal and a moto jacket are just the things you need to pump up your look.

This is a beautiful experience, and ladies you want to do it in style. Go all out with fashion and step out as a diva every time! Do not forget to keep the makeup minimum ( you anyway won't require much of it) and your accessories restricted to only what you need. Finally, wear your confidence on point girl!