About MSA

My Style Authority (MSA) is an online platform for matching and connecting quality beauty and fashion professionals with users seeking their services and products. My Style Authority features professionals within the Hair, Makeup, Fashion, and Spa industries. For beauty and fashion professionals, MSA is an influencer marketing marketplace platform where they get matched with clients, schedule appointments, connect with industry peers, and advertise their brands. For the users, MSA offers the capability for them to create a profiles that will allow them to find, engage, review, and schedule with local beauty and fashion professionals; all while being a part of a style community.

Not only is MSA a matching site, but it’s a one-stop-shop community that allows members to interact through original content via blogs, vlogs, and the MSA forum. MSA offers a completely user-friendly desktop as well as mobile interface to boost the experience. Coming Soon is the My Style Authority App. Spring 2019


My Style Authority aims to be the number one place where professionals can grow their client base, advertise services, and connect with clients and other professionals.


My Style Authority’s vision is to provide beauty and fashion lovers access to a community that supports a plethora of quality professionals in multiple beauty and fashion service industries. 


Founder & CEO

Jessica Dew aka “The Tech Barbie” is the Founder and CEO of My Style Authority (MSA), LLC. With a creative background in wardrobe for the film, television, theater and beauty industry, and through her work in features, independent films, television, commercials, web series, plays, concerts and fashion shows; The Tech Barbie has garnered positive reviews. She is also an active member of her local wardrobe union.

She believes in giving back to the community using fashion and beauty to inspire and elevate those less fortunate. She’s a self-proclaimed Social Style-Preneur, which is a social entrepreneur who gives back using style.

The Tech Barbie realized the need for a platform where professional artists in the beauty and fashion industry can be matched, connected, and visible to clientele from all parts of the world. This gave birth to MSA!

What our customers say

“I am often overwhelmed with searching for a great place to get coloring services. My Style Authority has made it easy for me to enter my preferences to include the distance I am willing to travel. I am pleased that the research is done for me in a few clicks of the mouse!”

“I have been interested in a cosmetic procedure. I had no idea where to begin. MSA made it easy for me. I simply filled in the blanks and like magic I had a starting point.”


Senior V ice-President Media and Public Relations for the MyStyleAuthority Brand. Contact me for all media and Public Relations inquires.

“Gone are the days going from nail spa to nail spa looking for an open chair. MSA enabled me to find several places in my area. Thanks MSA for making my life a little easier!”

“I enjoy options and MSA gives me many options within a few minutes I have a number of options to select from.”

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